Game Description
Get ready for endless hours of fear and fun!
Open your scary mansion now!

Welcome your guests and give them a good run for their money. Build creepy rooms like Torture Chambers, Zombie Alleys, Egyptian Crypts, and more. Fill them with spooky and terrifying attractions from your darkest nightmares! Scare the poor visitors directly by tapping on them to make even more cash. Build up a giant labyrinth of horror and make yourself a billionaire!

HALLOWEEN HAUNTED HOUSE is free. Try it now and download it with GooglePlay for your PC or Smartphone.

- Happy Halloween For Everyone
In the goosebump business your money goes up, and up, and up. The cash flow never ends!

- A Huge Terrain
You can play for hours and place thousands of rooms!

- Goals To Aim For
Get up to 3 stars on 26 achievements!

- 8-Bit Chiptune
This one never gets old!

- Twitter Messaging
Spread the word and get a money boost or just share your achievements!

- 3 Save Files
We thought one haunted house is not enough! Why not have three?

(C) 2014 Ratalaika Games