Game Description
A throwback to the survival horror and mystery games of the mid-90's 32-bit generation, Back in 1995 faithfully re-creates everything from this all-but-forgotten era of games.

Be transported to a world both concrete and indistinct, where you must uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of your daughter, the catastrophe that shook the city, and why you’ve decided to finally return.

- Get lost in the nostalgic world of retro 3D graphics, including low-res models, texture warping, CRT emulation, and fixed CCTV style camera angles.
- Relive the mystery game genre with an old-school user interface and tank controls.
- Explore a sparse cityscape in the year 1995, littered with clues about the past.
- Interact with a cast of damaged characters whose intentions you can never truly know.
- Uncover the mystery of yourself, your daughter, and what happened to the city.

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