Game Description
Watt and Volt are two twin robots, who have been forgotten by time and abandoned in an old robot factory. Marked as defective by mistake, if they wish to prove themselves as deserving a place in today’s world, they must pass a series of grueling tests.

Watt and Volt will have their work cut out for them, but the good news is you might not have to go it alone as although both robots can be controlled at any moment due to swapping between them, co-op is fully supported, so as long as you have a friend to control the other robot, the only thing you’ll need to focus on, is what your own robot is doing.

Only you can help them the Twin Robots pass their tests and escape the old factory in one piece!

* Strategic Thinking
* Fast Reflexes
* Exploring, find the secret areas!
* Puzzle Solving*

What’s New:
- New levels with new 3D backgrounds
- New music
- Improved physics & puzzles
- Improved camera system

Keys not available yet, please come back later!

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