Game Description
Trouble in Antarctica!

The Black Hand of Fate, an international terrorist group, has constructed a secret base within the heart of a volcano. They have built a massive army of bio-engineered soldiers and genetic monsters to take over the world! You are the only one that can stop to their dastardly plans. You are the Blasting Agent!

Blasting Agent is a classic run & gun action-platformer that could have been home on classic 8-bit systems like the NES, Master System and Commodore 64. You will find tons of action, many different types of enemies with surprisingly smart AI, 6 extremely well-designed stages that are fun to replay over and over again, huge bosses, collectibles, hidden upgrades, unlockable power-ups, and a second harder game! Despite its old-school difficulty it never gets unfair: plenty of checkpoints, unlimited lives, and a level select screen will help all kinds of players overcome any obstacle.

- Action-packed, challenging and fun run&gun gameplay
- A variety of levels, enemies, and secrets
- Challenging and unique boss fights
- Collectible upgrades and power-ups
- Unlockable Hard Mode with costume rewards

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