Game Description
In the devastating grandeur of the post-apocalypse thirst is all that remains.

A thirst for... ACTION!
A thirst for... VIOLENCE!
And a thirst... for SPEED!

This thirst is known as SUPER BRAWL RUSH!!!
In SUPER BRAWL RUSH there are no losers, only legends...
There is only one thing to remember:

Race. Fight. Win!

Super Brawl Rush is a beat'em up set in the scorched post-apocalyptic lands of the near future. Fight your way to the top between swarms of bloodthirsty thugs, mutants and cultists.

Will you dethrone the Emperor and rule with an iron fist?

* A rip-roaring metal soundtrack!
* Crazed enemies with unique attacks and weapons!
* Exciting boss fights!
* Adrenalinic car chases!
* Multiplayer co-op for two players!

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