Game Description
Twin Robots is a 2.5D platformer (the graphics are 3D but the gameplay is 2D) for 1 or 2 players.

In this unique game you have to escape - on your own or together with a friend - from a dangerous factory. Switch between two cute little robots and help out each other to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles, or play with a friend in the splitscreen co-op mode. The factory is filled with traps that were only created to stop malfunctioning robots from their escape. It's not a complete robot nightmare though; if you explore a bit you may also find super-batteries that recharge your battery life. Rescue your friend and find the exit in 28 dark and dangerous stages!

- Strategic Thinking:
- y move you make - from running to jumping and climbing - drains your battery life. Plan your path through the factory strategically and save enough battery life to open the exit door in each stage. One robot can even use his battery to charge up the other robot.
- Fast Reflexes:
- me of the obstacles will test your platforming skills. From walljumps to moving platforms, spiky pits and conveyor belts, there's a challenge for everyone.
- Exploring:
- e of the robots is always trapped in a deadly prison at the beginning of each stage. You need to find a red button to release him from his demise. Don't take too long!
- Puzzle Solving:
- ny times both robots are required to help each other solving puzzles.
- Local Co-op:
- vite a friend to let him control the other robot via splitscreen.
- Speedrunning:
- e top 3 best times for each stage will be saved.

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