Game Description
LEAGUE OF EVIL is an intense and fast-paced action-platformer with melee fighting elements. You play as a bionic super-agent and take on missions to defeat world threatening evil scientists. Combine acrobatic doublejump, jumpkick, and walljump moves to pass challenging obstacle courses. Jump and punch your way through 140 missions filled with deadly traps and enemies. The world is counting on you!

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS versions have an easy-to-use level editor for players to create and share custom levels online. As a special feature we have cross-platform online sharing that includes the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS users.

- 140 challenging Missions in the Story Mode. Four Chapters and six different Worlds.
- Colorful Retro-Graphics, Cutscenes, and a Nostalgia-inducing Chiptune-Soundtrack.
- 100% Gameplay - Straight to the point and simple, but fast and intense as well.
- Extra Chapters for Custom Missions and Download Missions (Nintendo exlusive).
- 140 timed challenges for speedrunners.
- 140 hidden briefcases for explorers.
- Achievements and statistics.
- Customizable options and optimized controller support.
- 6 different languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Japanese.
- ntendo Exlusive content:
- A comfortable Level Editor to make your own levels. Use all 50 objects and enemy types from the story mode to create your dream missions. Or simply download new ones from the LEAGUE OF EVIL community for free.
- Cross-platform level sharing between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS versions.

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