Game Description
Wake from your grave, master!

Thieves are breaking down the sealed entrance of your crypt!
They want to steal your precious treasures! We have to defend our tomb!!

Defend your Crypt is a strategy/puzzle and defense game in which waves of enemies walk down the halls to get the sacred treasures from the Pharaoh's grave. Don't let them reach too many of the treasures or they'll plunder the grave and the Pharaoh's soul will dissipate. Activate traps to teach them thieves some righteousness! Let them fall into the void, burn them with fire, crush them with a falling ceiling, pierce them with arrows, drown them in small chambers that fill up with water, and send your giant scorpion for revenge! Do everything necessary to collect the thieves' souls to grow in power and defend your crypt!

- Charming retro-style graphics
- yptian-themed, dark, and a little bit gruesome.
- Tons of Traps
- om trapdoors and floor spikes to poisonous gas chambers and the feral horned scarabeus beetle you will find many ways to defeat the little pixel robbers.
- Tons of Gore
- ientists revealed that sometimes a little bit of bloody action is the best way to relax.
- wever, if you don't like too much of the red sauce you can deactivate it in the options.
- Tons of Levels
- en though the game is available for a very small price we filled it with content.
- stages that take many hours to fully complete make sure you get your money's worth.
- Thieves with feelings!
- ieves have a heart as well. You'll learn that they have different moods and also interact with each other a little bit. A hallway full of blood could make a thief sad and break his heart.

Keys not available yet, please come back later!

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