Game Description
In 1962, during the height of the Cold War, twelve astronomers at a deep-space observatory were found dead. Because of the proximity of an important military base, two federal agents were sent to investigate any Russian involvement…

And what they found was from beyond this world.
Find out what really happened that night by exploring a town full of suspects with something to hide, and stop it from ever happening again.

Choose to play as federal agent Catherine Armstrong, a young recruit with excellent scientific skills, or as Stuart Ross, a street-smart veteran. Their unique skills and personality will change how the story unfolds.

And whatever you do, try to keep your sanity!

* Two playable characters, each with its own story routes, dialogs, and personality.
* 3 investigation routes, 4 endings, and dozens of secrets to reveal.
* Unique retro visual style that mixes pixel art with photography
* Original 80’s creepy synth soundtrack.
* Click-and-point mechanics.

If you have any tokens for this game you can redeem it here for a key.
Fill the token, select your platform and press the button to get your key!


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