Game Description
The wrath of the Gods of Ancient Greece has put four humans to a test: They shall be thrown into the mazes of the minotaur! To survive they must prove their wisdom and overcome traps inside the labyrinths while avoiding the deadly creatures. If they can reach the last room they will regain their freedom.

- Inspired by the classic MS-DOS game “The Beast”.
- re nostalgia for old-school gamers that loved arcade gameplay where the only goals were to get as far as possible or to get a new highscore.
- Level Editor
- u played through the game and still want more? The included level editor can bring you hours of joy. Be creative and design your own stages, set up traps, and watch your friends beating them.
- Total control
- u can play this on your keyboard just like in the old days, or play it like a modern kid with a game controller.
- Tons of exciting game modes
- Arcade:
- ght your way through 30 stages with increasing difficulty.
- Time Attack:
- nish the game in a certain amount of time. Gain extra time by defeating minotaurs.
- Endless:
- this cursed mode you are imprisoned in the minotaurs lair for all eternity.
- One Life:
- u think you are a god yourself? Prove it with this one-hit-instant-game-over mode.
- Trials:
- nd your way through a series of hand-made levels.
- Local Co-op:
- you have trouble defeating the beasts, ask a friend or a family member for help. Up to four players can play together, the more the merrier.
- Local VS:
- antic battle mode where players get the chance to fight themselves. Great to challenge your friends and to compete for being the very best, or to simply relax by killing your acquaintances.

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