Game Description
Fasten your seat belts, put on your helmets, and pump the steel!

Death Derby is a 2-player versus action racer that is about speed and total destruction. Challenge another player, choose your vehicles, and drop into the arena to fight it out till the end!

Show your friends who's the champion by turning their cars into scraps in "Death Derby" or race them and chase targets in "Special Challenge".
Your driving skills do not require any traffic law knowledge! Charge, drift and rush through like a pro. We even leave a few power-ups and landmines on the battlegrounds to ensure even more excitement!

- Competitive topdown racing gameplay for two players using the same tablet or smartphone.

- Customize your arena, set the numbers of obstacles, time limit, spawn-ratio of power-ups and mines, and hits you can take.

- Instant multiplayer fun for free. Try it now!

(C) 2014 Ratalaika Games