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Ren'Py Porting and Worldwide Publishing

Ratalaika Games ports titles developed with Ren'Py to the most successful video game consoles in the world including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Our partners include leading Ren'Py game creators including Hanako Games, Winter Wolves Games, Man-Eater Games, NomNomNami, Quill Studios, Kinmoku, and more.

We're regularly releasing and promoting new games on consoles and we're committed to expanding the audience for these wonderful creators and their work.

No Up-Front Cost
We do not charge any kind of up-front costs for our services, nor do we ask for our expenses to be recouped from a game's royalties.

Our partners are earning income from sales through our distribution channels starting from unit 1.

We believe in the quality of the games in our catalog. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of these games, and empower the creators to keep doing what they love most: telling great stories!

Join Us
Are you a Ren'Py game developer looking to expand your audience to consoles?

In addition to handling technical challenges and interactions with hardware manufacturers, we love to add extra features when possible including new localizations for English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, and Japanese so that your lovingly-crafted story can be devoured by as many fans as possible.

Ratalaika Games is always seeking new creators with amazing games to collaborate with on worldwide distribution to video game consoles.

We urge Ren'Py creators with something they're ready to show the world to connect with us and work together to make that happen!

To apply for our program: ratalaika@ratalaika.com