Game Description
One More Dungeon is a first person shooter roguelike with procedurally generated levels and pixel-art graphics.

Being a nameless adventure seeker, your job is to reach the final level deep within the dungeon and destroy the obelisks that are used by forces of Evil to invade the world.
Use a melee weapon, magic staffs, and antique artefacts, to burst way through the hordes of enemies inhabiting a few game areas.

- Fusion of old school FPS and Roguelike games.
- Procedurally generated levels.
- 30+ types of enemies and 80+ items.
- Parallel universe with manually created locations.
- A Sanity level that can reduced by using artefacts acquired in-game.
- Customizable gameplay in the form of modifiers that can be tweaked prior to playing, to tailor make the gameplay to one of your choosing.
- Support for Nintendo Switchâ„¢ Pro Controller.

- Supported Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinede Traditional and Japanese.

Developer Info
One More Dungeon was developed by Stately Snail.
All the images, sounds and assets belongs to Stately Snail.

We ported and published this great first person shooter for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS Vita.

Press Kit
Download the Press Kit here.


(C) 2017 Ratalaika Games

(C) 2017 Stately Snail