Game Description
Imprisoned in a facility at an unknown location, Klang must hone his rhythm-combat skills inside audiovisual simulations.

Fast-attack the enemy with flashy fireballs. Dodge and counter enemy attacks, and deal enough lightning damage to shame even the greatest gods of mythology. Achieve a euphoric state of trance through skillful play in this rhythm-action game with hypnotic beats and high-speed combat.

- 30 levels of intense EDM-Action playable at normal and fast speeds
- Semi-procedural combat system ensures tracks never play exactly the same
- Bosses gradually introduce new gameplay rules
- Techno-greek aesthetic inspired by synthwave, musical symbolism and sculpture
- Music by legendary composer bLiNd and other talented artists such as James Landino, Arcien, and Nhato

Developer Info
This game has been developed by Tinimations.
We are only responsible for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X ports & publishing.


(C) 2021 Tinimations

(C) 2021 Ratalaika Games