Game Description
One night, Kylee and Owen stumbled uponcreepy Castle Pookapick and decide to uncover its secrets! Nothing could possibly go wrong, couldit?

Play as two different characters! Punch your way through enemies with Kylee and fly above your enemies while avoiding traps as Owen!

Earn optional gold medals by completing levels from start to finish faster than the posted time for each level. Can you collect them all?

- Guide the Pals through 40 action packed levels!
- Smash bad guys with Kylee's powerful attacks!
- Float around and explore using Owen's propeller hat!
- Battle fearsome bosses!
- Cute retro art and music!

Developer Info
This game has been developed by Brad Erkkila.
We are only responsible for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports & publishing.


(C) 2020 Brad Erkkila

(C) 2020 Ratalaika Games