We are back from Madrid Gaming Experience! ūüėõ

The Madrid Gaming Experience 2016

We are back from the Madrid Gaming Experience, a big Spanish Video Game Expo!

We were there from 28th October to 1st November 5 days non-stop and had our own booth!

First, let’s¬†talk about the Expo in general. It had two big halls. One hall, “Hall 12” was dedicated to AAA-companies (like Microsoft and Sony) and E.S.L. (Electronic Sports League), and¬†the other¬†one, “Hall 14” was¬†dedicated¬†to retro- and indie-games. In the AAA-hall were¬†many virtual reality games to try. The fact this area was so¬†huge made it easier to try some.¬†I played one and ended up dizzy ūüėĶ hehe.

One of our favorite zones was the retro zone with its pinball machines, PlayStation 1 and other consoles. In this zone there were always people playing. After some visits to the retro zone I played a Bram Stoker’s Dracula pinball machine and liked it a lot.

We also like to comment on the indie zone! It was at the end of Hall 14 right in front of the Laser Tag battle camp. The indie zone was spacious, and there were a ton of developers with interesting games. We had luck to play some of them. Also, it was open for public and we were talking to really interesting people.



We brought League of Evil, Defend your Crypt,
and Blasting Agent – Ultimate Edition
to the indie zone!

Our games left some good impressions on the players. There were even people that revisited our booth to play more of what we had on offer!

We had some interviews that we hope you will be able to¬†hear soon and we¬†enjoyed¬†the¬†interview with¬†Espal3DS a lot. They came with Espaltino! And we¬†took some pictures with him ūüėú!

Watch the interview here:

As always, the cosplayers and the talks were also present. And although we couldn’t attend to every talk the ones we attended to¬†were worth it!

Adrian Vega

Ratalaika Games S.L.

Upcoming games in the 2nd half of 2016

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