League of Evil – Join to the closed beta 😎


Ratalaika Games wants to offer the opportunity to participate in the League of Evil’s closed beta for PC (http://store.steampowered.com/app/491060/) . The beta phase will be limited to 50 users without region limitation.

To register in the beta phase you will need to fill this form: Closed Beta

The period for the register will be from today (26th September) until 2nd October. Between 3rd and 4th of October we will send e-mails to the 50 lucky selected*.

*The 50 users will be randomly selected among all the applicants.

Note for press: There will be additional keys available for you, if you want to test it just write us!

What will this beta offer?

In this phase you will enjoy the complete game without limitations. That is all the 140 levels will be available for playing and the level editor will be available too, with the option of level sharing through Steam Workshop.

This last feature is the one we would like to see how it works and if the users of the beta like it, because is where we have put more effort, in creating an easy functional editor.

The beta phase will last until the game is launched, that will be in October and all the selected beta users will automatically have the final version.

You can download a little set of gifs and screenshots here (We will update with more things before the game launch): Download



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